Tony de Waal





Professional Experience:


Capcom Vancouver: November 2016 - Present  

     Cinematic Director

  • Directing all things narrative and cinematic on an Unannounced Project.


Digital Dimension: October 2014 - October 2016   


Cinematic Director/CG Director

  • Middle Earth: Shadow of War Nazgul/Shelob Visions and multiple ingame cinematics.
  • Unannounced Project greenlight pitch cinematics WB Montreal.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate present day cinematics.
  • Aqua Dimension 3D Theme park adventure.
  • Unannounced Project greenlight pitch for WB Monolith.
  • The Creative side of business development and bidding.
  • Part of the creative leadership for the studio.


The Third Floor Previsualization: May 2013-August 2014           


TTF Montreal studio lead and Previs Supervisor:

  • The creative head for TTF’s new Montreal studio.
  • Setting up the office in all aspects.
  • New Business Representative in Montreal.
  • Video game development consultant for the company.
  • Previs Supervisor for Rob Marshall’s “Into the Woods”, Robert Zemeckis’s “To Reach the Clouds” and Samsungs Galaxy11 VR project.
  • Integration and build expert for an Undisclosed Oculus Rift Unreal 4 project with Maleficent director Robert Stromberg.
  • Previs Artist on: “Brilliance”, “San Andreas”, “Cops” and “Blacksails”
  • Postvis Artist on: "Conflagration” and “Dracula Untold”

Unbroken: Previs Lead:

  • Setup a team and office in Sydney Australia for Angelia Jolie’s directing debut.
  • Trained up the team on TTF’s tools.
  • Supervised initial shot creation.
  • Created several shots for the feature.

X-men Days of Future Past: Previs Artist:

  • Created several shots the learjet sequence.
  • Provided continuity across shots on the Quicksilver Kitchen Sequence.
  • Cleaned up scene files and packaged them up for the client.
  • Postvis on several opening shots to the film.


Visceral Games: June 2010 – March 2013     


Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel: Cinematics Director:

  • Managed a 70+ sized team in 4 locations in 3 different time zones.
  • Producer on 65 minutes of cinematics in charge of the quality, look, and feel of all scenes and how they integrated with gameplay.
  • Product Owner to build automated exporter/import for the frostbite cinematic pipeline.
  • Directed several storyboard artists and the Montreal/Shanghai animation teams to previs out all scenes.
  • Directed acting talent for Motion Capture at House of Moves and EACapture for stunt work.
  • Hands on integration work in Frostbite 2 scripting scenes to run.

Unannounced Original IP: Animation Director, Co Creative Director:

  • Managed several very senior animators on an excited new IP where the goal was to have very stylized ingame animation, IE Team Fortress 2.
  • Fleshed out the story and universe with the Creative Director.  
  • Designed the cinematic look for the story.
  • Created the ingame camera system, navigation and combat cameras.

Unannounced Sequel: Cinematics Director, Ingame Camera Direction:

  • Designed an “Uncharted” like ingame camera system in a melee action game.
  • Prototyped out a navigational camera system in a level as proof of concept
  • Created several “Proof of Concept” animatics for the game. 


BioWare: Apr 1997 – May 2010


2009-2010         Mass Effect 2: Senior Cinematic Animator:

  • Implementation expert setting up the majority of the games cinematic scenes in Unreal 3 via Kismet and Matinee.
  • Handled the production aspect of the DLC scenes done in Montreal.
  • Animated the Kasumi DLC boss fight scene.
  • VFX Supervisor on the vfx heavy Overlord DLC scenes.

2007-2009         Dragon Age: Lead Cinematic Animator:

  • Leading a team of 14 to build over an hour of cinematics.
  • Product Owner for the Cutscene Editor ensuring the correct user friendly features were created to implement cinematics into the game and so the public could create their own scenes with the tool.
  • Directed Mocap shoots for all cinematics at Giant Studios and EACapture.
  • Set the cinematic style for the game.

2005-2007         Mass Effect: Senior Cinematic Animator:

  • Tasked with creating the methods and process's for integrating all scenes into the game.
  • Creating most of the ship scenes.
  • Animated several character scenes.
  • Implemented and maintained the majority of the cinematics in Unreal via Kismet and Matinee.

2003-2005         Jade Empire: Lead Cinematic Animator:

  • Leading a team of 12 to create over 50 minutes of cinematics to drive the key story points forward.
  • Directing Mocap at Giant Studios.
  • Set the cinematic style for the game.
  • Animated several scenes in between Lead duties.

2002-2003         Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Lead Cinematic Animator:

  • Defining the animation style for the Ebon Hawk and the space scenes.
  • Leading a small animation team to produce 30 minutes of in game cinematics to drive the key story points forward.

2001-2002         Neverwinter Nights: Animator/Lead Cinematic Animator:

  • Created the majority of the player animation set.
  • Lead the cinematics team to produce BioWare's first high quality per-rendered intro movie.

2000-2001         Baldur’s Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal:  Lead Animator:

  • Leading a small team to create both gameplay and cinematic animations.

1999-2000         Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn: Animator:

  • Animated various ingame characters and cinematic scenes.

1998-1999         MDK2: Animator:

  • Animated various ingame characters and cinematic scenes.
  • Scripted most cinematics to run in the engine via LUA.

1997-1998         Baldur’s Gate: Animator:

  • Animated various ingame characters and cinematic scenes.



  • Over 19 Years comprehensive knowledge in animation, cinematography, previs, layout and shot flow.
  • 16 Years of leading animation teams.
  • 14 Years of cinematic pipeline experience.
  • Comprehensive understanding of game development.
  • Producing a broad spectrum cinematics of all scales
  • Motion Capture direction, both acting and stunt shoots.
  • Team leadership/management leading large internal and external teams.
  • Accomplished previsualization ability.
  • Accountable for cinematic schedules and deliverables.
  • A technical mindset combined with a good artist sense.
  • Visual Scripting cinematic implementation.
  • Editing and basic compositing.
  • Motion Graphics.
  • Presentation experience.



  • 3dsmax
  • Maya
  • Premiere CC
  • Photoshop CC
  • After Effects CC
  • Unreal 3 and 4
  • Frostbite 2
  • Microsoft Office
  • Hansoft/Devtrack
  • Boujou


  • 1995-1997:  Digipen Applied Computer Graphics School:  Extensive two year animation/modeling/texturing/lighting course.
  • 1982-1995  Grade school



Available upon request.