Here are some examples of work I've done for the games industry over the years, both artistic and technical.


Here's some of the better acting scenes from Army of Two: The Devils Cartel.  

These scenes would get fleshed out between the writer, story producer, executive producer and myself. Then we would get them previs'd out with the animation team working with the level team to define a location and set. Then I'd head to Los Angeles and Vancouver to motion capture these scenes. From their it's handling communication and coordination between the many departments and studios involved. Edits, bug fixes all come with the job of directing scenes on this project. This was done for 80+ scenes staggered over 5 months, with a run time of 64 minutes. The team size across LA, Vancouver, Shanghai and Montreal for cinematics at it's peak was over 75 people as we rushed to complete 80% of the project in a very short 4 months.


This is a quick demo scene I needed to assemble for the third Army of Two game for a proof a concept demo to keep the project alive.  I had 5 weeks to pull this off. I needed to learn Maya, and work out of Los Angeles. This is a snap shot about 2 weeks in just as I roughed in all the mocap into the animatic. Sadly I can't find a final render from the demo to show the final 3 weeks of work.

A special thanks to Bobby Coddington for giving me a crash course in Maya enabling me to pull this off.  

Here's a video made for internal PR on one of my stunt shoots in Vancouver for Army of Two: The Devils Cartel. This was done to give more action to Big Boi and BoB's grand intro midway through the game.  

This simple camera blend  test into a cinematic was the test case to drive features developed for Mass Effect 3 to allow nice blends between cinematics and gameplay giving more options then a straight up cut.

When I arrived on the first Mass Effect I was asked to flesh out a hand held documentary style camera on this small scene. Camera reference came from "24" and "Battlestar Galactica".  I believe this test scene was reworked into another cinematic by the time we finalized the game.

This scene, animated by Dave Wilkenson was one of several scenes for the Overlord DLC on Mass Effect 2 where I managed the vfx production and integration of the scenes. This included building and roughing in all the visual effects for the scenes, working with the animators to get the best shots for the effects, and the hand off and scripting integration of the scenes into the game.

This is an unreleased clip I did for Mass Effect 2 featuring Mordin standing proud over his Krogan prisoner on the day he cracked their genetic code.  The idea behind the scene was archived security camera footage from the Salarian facility.

Here's a 2D animatic I created for an unannounced project. The storyboards were created in photoshop by one of EA's talented artists after an hour brain storm session between the two of us. I then animated the elements and edited together in After Effects in an afternoon to bring the work to life.