Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Nazgul vision sequences!

Added on by Tony de Waal.

At the mid point of my time with Digital Dimension, Monolith, the makers of Shadow of Mordor, approached us to create vision sequences for the sequel, Shadow of War. DD created the vision sequences for the first game, so it was a natural choice for us to take on sequel and build upon the great work DD had done on the first game.

Monolith was gracious enough to entrust me to direct these vision sequences, this time revolving around how the kings of men were twisted into the Nazgul, the same ringwraiths that stalk Frodo through Lord of the Rings.

Working with DD's talented art team, we took these scenes from script to final over most of 2016. I am pleased to finally be able to show off our hardwork. Congrats to everyone at DD and Monolith on the job well done.

From 0:00 to 5:55 are the scenes from Shadow of War, beyond are the scenes DD did for the first game, Shadow of Mordor.