The Walk, Into the Woods and Unbroken

Added on by Tony de Waal.

I had started this post several months ago right before X-mas however my trusty Alienware M18x laptop decided it was a good time to die. After a couple months of trying to make it run to no avail, and getting a nice desktop computer back in the house I can finally finish this post. :) 

Early December Sony Pictures released a trailer for Robert Zemeckis's new film, The Walk. The story of French high-wire artist Phillippe Petit's attempt to cross the Twin Towers in 1974. I was brought in to work on the trailer for this film. While conceptually we started with a continuous shot for the whole trailer which the studio went away from, the final shot of the trailer I created remained intact. My work can be scene 1:35 on on. 

Christmas Day was a big movie day for me. Two feature films I had the honor of doing Previs on via The Third Floor were released. Angelina Jolie's Unbroken and Disney's Into the Woods.

For Unbroken I needed to fly to Australia on short notice (3 days) and setup a new previs team to begin work on the film at the Fox studio lot in Sydney. Training up a new team of artists, coordinating with the previs supervisor back in Los Angeles as well as doing a few shots myself. 

Summer of 2014 Disney approached us to flesh out a couple of their musical numbers for Into the Woods. While the film had already been shot, they were doing a pickup session in a few weeks and needed some previs work to figure out the sets, layout, set dressing and character movements to work with the music that had already been created. You can see our handy work when Red Riding Hood falls into the wolf's stomach, and when the Baker steels the magic beans from the Witch's Garden. 

Both of these films just came out last week so go pick them up!